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John Donovan surfaces; Discount cards; What wing, Loretta? BEN Column, March 16, update 3


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The column that says read us 28 times a week and win a prize.


Good evening!


If you have to mush on Monday, we're changing weather forecasters.


Dean Dellaquila fixed the microphones at Bridgeton City Council.


The speakers can be heard, but there's a possible squeal that sends Dellaquila scurrying to each microphone trying to find out which one is causing it.

It's usually Dale Goodreau's.

We're letting you know, Goldie Wulderk, that you should be able to hear everybody.


"Re BEN March 15, Update 2:

"Hey, Jack,

"You put forth a great dissertation.

"Are you listening Dr. Jones?

"And your niche, Tom of Upper Deerfield, may be to start a right of left wing blog.

"From 8 to Great is the path we need.

"Lead us there!''

- Loretta Lee Dilks


We'll let you in on a little secret, Loretta.

Dr. Jones is our only hope.


We've never understood right wing and left wing, except on an airplane sand a chicken.

But what the heck is right of left wing?


The Fairton United Methodist Church has their $5 On Sales Cards again this year.

They are available from any church member or by calling the church at 856-451-4182.

They have 48 businesses on them and are good until March 1, 2015.

Proceeds go to our building fund.

Please come out and enjoy the Spring Sale Fundraiser at the Fairton United Methodist Church located at 20 Main St., in Fairton, on April 4-5 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We will have our indoor yard sale, baked goods, food, drinks, crafts and meatball sandwiches for sale.

Proceeds from the sale go to our building fund.

For more information, call 856-451-4182.


By this time, we expected John Donovan to be coaching the Philadelphia Union.

He was a lesson in jumping, screaming, rolling, yelling and twirling while coaching boys soccer at Schalick.

Nobody watched the games.

They all watched the coach.

It worked.

Donovan won titles after starting the program in 1986.

When they won their first South Jersey Group I title, Donvoan wass named Coach of the Year.

He won over 200 games coaching youth soccer.

Then we found out he hired people to work at a Bridgeton tomato processing plant during the summer.

That made him even more important.

Alas, the tomato processing plant is gone and so is Donovan.

Until he read in the column about Karen Bowman's walk down memory lane and a state champion coach of Schalick girls basketball 30 years ago.

That made Donovan surface.

"Ha, ha!

"That's right, I was once a famous Schalick High School soccer coach.

"You and Mike Cudemo are still famous.

"I saw your piece on Karen Bowman.

"Karen had 100 or more wins in three sports and, I believe, 86 in field hockey.

"Almost 400 wins in four different sports.

"Pretty impressive.

"And ... Hall of Fame for me?

"I was contacted this winter by the South Jersey Soccer Coaches Association requesting my bio/stats for a spring induction.

"I replied that I really wasn't interested in going through that process right now.

"I wonder how many guys have turned that down?

"Always enjoy your column.''

- John Donovan,

K9 Connection Dog Training

Former Member: United States Police Canine Association

Phone: 856-264-4934


Karen Bowman was relaxed, concentrated, controlled while confidently urging on her teams.

You, John, who will turn 65 next year,were an out-of-control contortionist doing backflips and cartwheels around the field every time your Cougars scored.


John, if you don't want to do the Hall of Fame for ourself, at least do it for your boys.

They can at least say they put their coach in the Hall of Fame.

They don't induct teams.

They don't induct players.

So the coach has to be the school beacon.

Wouldn't it be great to see 1995 Inquirer Player of the Year Kevin Jackson again?

We have your record right here. You don't have to look it up.

You were 122-60, won six straight conference titles and two South Jersey Group I titles.

You left to work on your master's degree.

Has Hunt's contacted your about their tomato Hall of Fame?


MY KIND OF TOWN: Where it's time to get on a committee in your town, people.

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